Incidents happen…

An employee is being threatened by a colleague. An employee at a remote location has activated a panic alarm. A competitor has gained access to proprietary company research. The CEO’s office door was left unlocked… and his laptop is missing.

You need to deal with these incidents while they’re happening, and you need to document the who, what, when and where of these incidents for future reference.

Discover Perspective by PPM

Perspective by PPM is an end-to end, total solution for responding to, reporting on and investigating incidents. It’s an invaluable knowledge base that will help you understand what’s happening… and why… so that you can manage resources, minimize impact and prevent incidents.

We have been using Perspective by PPM for longer than six years now and we are still expanding our use. It is a great tool and PPM…keeps growing the product in line with our expectations. Keep it up! Expert Security Professional - Global Blue Chip Company

Choose Your Perspective

Four editions of Perspective are available. Choose the one that’s right for you based on the data (or event types) you need to manage.


Activity and Incident Reporting Software

Perspective AIR

Activity & Incident Reporting: At its simplest, incident management requires activity tracking and incident reporting. Introducing our base edition, Perspective AIR.

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dispatching and security operations software

Perspective SOC

Security Operations Center: If you have a Security Operations Center, Perspective SOC adds dispatching.

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investigation and case management software

Perspective ICM

Investigation & Case Management: If you have investigators, Perspective ICM adds investigation and case management.

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Enterprise incident management software

Perspective EIM

Enterprise Incident Management: For end-to-end coverage across dispatches, activities, incidents and investigations, Perspective EIM offers Enterprise Incident Management.

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The Building Blocks

The starting point for all four Perspective editions is the Perspective Platform where the software’s core functionality resides. It includes:

With this solid foundation in place, the other four ‘building blocks’ are based on the event types managed by Perspective:

These five building blocks come together in various combinations to form the Perspective editions: Perspective AIR; Perspective SOC; Perspective ICM; and Perspective EIM.

Perspective Incident Management System


In Relation to the Incident Management Process

Perspective is also structured around the incident management process:

  1. Plan & Prepare
  2. Respond
  3. Document
  4. Investigate

With Perspective, you can cover all four stages of this process, or you can narrow it down based on the event types you need to manage.

Ultimately, the edition you need (Perspective AIR, Perspective SOC, Perspective ICM, or Perspective EIM) relates to which part of the incident management process you need to cover.

Enterprise incident management system

Incident management process

The End Result

Perspective offers a total, end-to-end solution for responding to, reporting on and investigating incidents:

  • Dispatch resources, including officers and agencies.
  • Track activities.
  • Report incidents.
  • Manage investigations.
  • Build cases.

Regardless of the edition you choose–and the event types you track–you will:

  • Intelligently action and query your data for trending, risk mitigation and performance metrics.
  • Report incident risk and consequence in a quantitative way to senior management.
  • Use your knowledge about what’s happening—and where—to deploy effective safeguards that reduce incidents and loss.
  • Capture the data you need to make knowledge-based decisions that optimize performance and illustrate the effectiveness of your security operation.
  • Ensure the best allocation of security personnel, systems and resources.
  • Deliver metrics that reveal trends and demonstrate ROI.

The Perspective Advantage

Incident Management From Every Angle: Focus on a single event. Or look at the big picture. With Perspective by PPM as your incident management software solution, you can handle a range of security events—dispatches, activities, incidents, and investigations—sometimes focused on a single one and other times analyzing and reporting across your entire database.

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PSIM Integrations


With the ability to integrate to any application, Perspective can share data with a variety of systems and is an essential part of an organization’s Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) initiatives.

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Partner Products

Enhance your Perspective solution with integrated products from select PPM’s partners, including MIR3 for mass notification and Focal Point for expanded business intelligence and performance metrics.

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PSIM Integrations


Our IRIMS Legacy

Perspective is the result of combining the best of IRIMS, PPM’s legacy Incident Reporting and Investigation Management Software System, with a long list of new ideas. IRIMS users click here for important upgrade information.

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